It all started when I was 11.  My parents were assembling items for a garage sale, and one bin in particular caught my eye—it contained a collection of no longer used cameras. I tucked away the nicest of the bunch for myself and spent the subsequent afternoons of my childhood pointing it at everything I could.  I don’t recall actually having film in that first camera, but something about freezing a moment, an expression, or a thought in time captured my imagination.

Years later, it’s still the same—my camera is never far from my side, and I’m always snapping away. I still don’t have film in my camera, thanks to digital—some things never change.

My work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Rolling Stone, SPIN, The New York Times, The New Yorker, GQ, Los Angeles Magazine, People Magazine, Glamour, Entertainment Weekly, New York Daily News,, LA Weekly, KCRW’s Music Blog, and Music Radar.  Clients include Kraft Foods, CBS L.A., MTV Networks, IBM, La Poste, Subversive Jewelry, Trixy Starr, and Livewell 360.
I am available to photograph you and the ones you love as well as your life events.

Email me to discuss rates and availability.

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